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Choosing which range of vans are right for your business is not simple, they have to have the right features all at the right price for you.

However, the Renault Trafic can make that decision a whole lot simpler. The Trafic van, which recently won a 2009 Security Award, is currently the best selling Renault van. The 2009 British Insurance Vehicle Security Awards was where the Trafic van won the award and this year was the first year that vans were included in the runnings.

The van easily won the award due to all the security features that have been included. There are a number of features that are included in the Trafic, a few of them are anti-drill door locks, Thatcham category one alarm and remote central locking with deadlocking. One big feature that has been included is the Renault Anti Intruder Device which will automatically lock all the doors once the van travels faster than 5mph.

The Renault Trafic has proven to be an extremely successful van for many companies. The big downside to this van model is the price, at 17,000 for the standard van model. However, there are ways to get your business using this van without paying the full price, and that is van leasing.

By taking out a Renault van lease, you can seriously save some money for your business, while still getting the latest model Trafic vans. With a Renault Trafic lease you pay a monthly fee for the van rather than paying 17,000 for your own van, plus you still get to benefit from the huge number of security features that come with the Trafic van.

Many businesses have found that by leasing your vehicles, you can save a large amount of money for your business. Particularly for new companies, don’t get stuck with large bills, pay monthly for your vehicles for as long as you want them for. Leasing is the best way to supply your business with the most ideal vans.

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