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Jaguar this month have released their brand new XJ model in London. The XJ is the newer version of the XF model and just like the XF, the new XJ will need to bring in a lot of sales.

When the previous XF model was released last year, the sales generated were used to help bring the company out of it’s financial troubles. Jaguar are hoping that the new XJ will do the same job.

Its been reported that Tata, the owner of Jaguar and Land Rover who bought them off Ford 10 months ago, has been loosing hundreds of thousands of pounds every day on the companies.

Because they are trying to bring more sales to the company, Jaguar have changed the design of the XJ slightly. Although some current Jaguar owners have said that they don’t like the new design, Jaguar are standing by their attempt to make the new car mor modern. They have done this because they are trying to attract a new, younger car buyer to their doors.

They have changed the design of the car, making it more sleek and stylish. The new design of the car is “right and correct for the 21st Century” said the designer director, Ian Callum, who is now hoping that Jaguar will see a new modern car buyers who wouldn’t have considered buying a Jag in the past.

Jaguar have also added new gadgets like a digital dashboard. This will allow you to change what displays on your dashboard, you can even put your sat nav on there. The car also comes with a large boot, a panoramic windscreen and finally, its all in a light weight aluminium shell.

This sounds pretty good, however, it comes at a price. The car ranges from 50,000 to 90,000 based upon which model you want.

I dont think this would really be an ideal car for driving lessons. Maybe if you went with an experienced Worthing driving instructor, it might be more successful.

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