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I am now 24 years old and have been driving old bangers for almost 8 years, my cars constantly cause me problems, they are either shaky when I drive or just completely break down on me when I am trying to go someone. In all honesty I have probably become one of the worst RAC customers, I am constantly calling them to help me out.

I have been left with old bangers purely because of one reason. i simply cannot afford to purchase a fresh one, i know all my friends get their cars on finance, but that is just something I do not desire to do. I do not even own any credits cards simply because of the fact that I am just too scared to get myself into debt.

But things seemed to be looking a lot better when the government and vehicle manufacturers introduced a brand new scrappage scheme, where they would give you 2k off of a new car if you handed in your old one. as soon as the system went live i visited my local service department to see what they could offer me, i had been saving up my money and funds for a long time and because of the scheme i finally had enough to get myself a adequate vehicle.

I chose to get a ford focus; I signed all the necessary paper work and handed my keys over. The service department possessor then said you are free to drive away. My drive back home was absolutely amazing; it honestly felt like the automobile was hovering over the route as i couldnt feel any bumps or anything.

The scrappage scheme has literally changed my life and I recommend it to anyone that is looking to purchase new cars.

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Written by ydpaar on July 29th, 2009

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