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The globe is currently in panic due to the credit crisis that has struck the whole nation. One of the industries that is suffering the most has to be the oil sector, the prices are forever increasing.

But as technology progresses our use for oil gets less and less, so should suppliers start panicking? Not all oil suppliers should be scared but the specific vehicle suppliers should look at evolving.

The fact is that we can all see that authorities are rigirously campaigning to make the roads for environmentally friendly. So I feel that within the next few years most of the cars on the road are going to be the new breed of electric running ones.

This will not only assist in clean the environment but it will also help people in road prices. I mean the price of fuel for a car is endlessly rising every single day. With the new electric vehicles none of this will actually be useful, all you would need is a mobile charge point that you could plug in to your car then you could be on your way.

So one of the industries that could potentially see a hit in the future definitely has to be the oil suppliers that cater for commercial and non commercial vehicles. And what is there to say that it will stop there if we are going to clean up the roads why not clean up the skies and have electric running planes, with the current rate of progression in technology we may see it soon.

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Written by ydpaar on July 31st, 2009

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