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If youre considering a Fly Drive holiday anywhere in the world, it might be a good idea to decide on the car youre going to get before you get to your desired location. Depending on whether you want a sporty car or a long runner, one of these cars would be best for you?

Lets take a look at probably the not quite so sensible motor to consider, but possibly the most fun. Sports cars are never really a good idea for long hauls; its not what they are designed for. However the Honda S2000 is one of the most popular cars in Canada. This is a car to show off in, it’s fast and has great handling, it has also been awarded reliable car of the year in 2007 as well. However we do have to look at some of the disadvantages of this car. The biggest problem is it’s size, it can only seat two people which won’t do anybody any favours. Saying all of this, this car is going to be very fun to drive around.

For those of us who love the planet, there is the mastered Toyota Prius. Personally thinking, this is the most boring of all the cars in this article, but it has much more advantages than its disadvantages. Basically the Prius can outlast all of the cars here, with a fuel consumption rate of about 65 mpg. Not only will this car drive forever it is safe and not so bad for the environment. The problems are the fact it is a Prius, it is boring and slow, not at all adventurous.

This next particular vehicle is a favourite for many people. This is a great vehicle, the Chevrolet Colorado is a great option. For going off road and trying new routes to go where you want, this is the best of these three cars. It also has a standard 185 horsepower, but can only do about 23 mpg. This truck can sit three people very comfortably and has a massive amount of room for all of your belongings. This car is going to be a first choice for many people.

So if youre considering Canada holidays, then one of these three cars is a great consideration. However some people may just want to relax on a Alaska Cruise.