Adventure on a Safari, or just relax on the Beach?   no comments

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Here are a couple of holidays that are almost complete opposites. You have the Caribbean calm and peaceful holiday and the adventure packed safari holiday. What it comes down to is which one really suits you?

This is all down to the person that you are. Some people just like to chill-out and sit by the sea enjoying a few well earned holiday drinks, if you do, then the beach holiday is for you. But if you prefer to be one with the wild extremes then the Safari holiday will be more in tune with your senses. Lets take a look at some of the main advantages and disadvantages of these.

Well start with the Safari holidays. Kenya holidays produce some fantastic safaris. When you leave for one of these holidays you can go to the Masai Mara, one of the most famous safari destinations. On Safari holidays you have so many different options to choose to explore, visit different cultures and go lion searching. Heading off on the Safari holiday won’t just show you things most others won’t have seen, it will fill you with knowledge as well. The main big point on going on a Safari holiday, is that you can can very close to the most stunning wildlife across the world. A guide will be appointed to you, and he will be able to show you all the wonders that await you on your safari. A vacation like this is one of those that you will only have one chance to do, and the fact they cost up to 5000 pounds, maybe more, you will probably only get one chance.

So then, if the adventure life isnt for you then what else is there to try? Beach resorts by the seaside, always a popular destination. Now everybody enjoys a good holiday by the seaside. You can travel all over the world for a fraction of the cost of a safari holiday and still visit some great places. With offers to Jamaica and Barbados it would be difficult to turn down a beach holiday. The main advantage is that the prices to go to the Caribbean will be cheaper than going to Africa. Beach holidays don’t have to be overseas either, if you want you can go to your local coast.

If you think youre an adventure freak, then try the safaris on Zambia holidays or Tanzania holidays where you can visit the Serengeti. There is always the option to grab some plane tickets and enjoy the sun in the Bahamas.