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Written by ydpa on November 21st, 2017

Poor condition of roads increase accidents, repairs for vehicles   no comments

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Statistical data indicates that while rash driving is a cause of a large number of accidents in India, the poor condition of the roads in India is also one of the major causes of accidents in India. Many drivers meet with accidents trying to avoid potholes or falling into potholes on the roads all over India. The problem is particularly severe during the monsoon, as large parts of the road are washed away.

The uneven surface of the roads also damage the vehicles, and the vehicles parts may get damaged. In some cases the damaged part may be repaired, however other parts may have to be replaced. So garages and repair shops are doing brisk business during the monsoon as many vehicle owners have to get their vehicle repaired. Only in some cases, the damage is covered by insurance.

Countries like Singapore are also close to the Equator, and have a tropical climate, however the condition of the roads is far better. The poor condition of the roads, is due to the rampant identity theft of engineers in India, by the government, intelligence and security agencies , with experienced engineers held a virtual prisoner, while the relatives and friends of top officals like caro, mandrekar, nayak, hathwar, kodancha, fake engineering degrees to get lucrative raw/cbi jobs with monthly salary at the expense of the engineer.

Written by ydpa on September 4th, 2018

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Difficult to get help for vehicle breakdown on Sunday   no comments

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One of the reasons why people purchase a car, is because they do not have to rely on public transport, renting a taxi, cab and they have complete flexibility . However it is observed that a vehicle can breakdown anytime, and it is very difficult to get any help.
The vehicle was a Tata Nano, purchased in 2016, and in August 2018, the engine was not working , car was not starting after the key was inserted
The battery appeared to working properly, because all the lights of the car were working
On Sunday, the car owner tried his best to get support, contact a repair person, however everything was closed in Panaji.
The user manual was kept at home, so the customer support could also not be contacted.
Finally the next day, the customer support was contacted and after spending a lot of time, the car was finally repaired.

Written by ydpa on August 31st, 2018

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More people lose control of their vehicle during monsoon causing accidents   no comments

The newspapers reported a number of vehicle accidents in goa during the monsoon, caused by the loss of control of the vehicle.
In one case in July 2018, a lady from Ribandar died because the driver lost control of the vehicle he was driving. In the city, the cars are driven at a low speed, however outside, the speeds of the car are higher, and the risk of an accident are higher.
In another cases, a young woman who was seated pillion on a motorcycle lost her life, as her brother lost control of his vehicle trying to avoid a bison which appeared in his path, in Sattari.
There are many wild animals in the rural parts of goa, and they can cause vehicle accidents

Written by ydpa on July 11th, 2018

Major visibility problems during monsoon   no comments

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Driving a car is a challenge, especially for senior citizens during the monsoon and heavy rains due to visibility problems.
The windshield of the car becomes foggy due to the high humidity levels. Though cars have a wiper it is not very efficient in removing the accumulated water on the windshield, and during heavy rains, the windshield pane will become cloudy soon
So the car driver has to use a cloth to wipe the windshield of the car repeatedly, so that vehicles and people in front of the car are visible.
During reversing also, the rear pane of the vehicle will also get misty, making it difficult to see what is behind the vehicle, so help is required for reversing the vehicle during heavy rains
There is no system to clean the glass panes quickly and efficiently

Written by ydpa on June 15th, 2018

Vehicle ownership is a true indication of a families wealth   no comments

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Unlike most other investments or major purchases like a home which appreciate in value over a period of time, a vehicle is a depreciating asset, whose value decreases as the age increases. There are also many expenses related to owning a vehicle , like the annual insurance which has to be paid, and maintenance of the vehicle is also periodically required, and the car owner also has to arrange parking space.
In most cities and towns there is some form of public transport which can be availed of, so while owning one car may be convenient, owning multiple cars and other vehicles indicates that the family is very wealthy, has plenty of black and or white money
So instead of falsely accusing the broke domain investor who does not own any vehicle of having black money, tax evasion, trying to find non existent proof, the ntro, raw, cbi, google,tata employees should check the assets, income and expenses of the raw/cbi employees who actually purchased new vehicles like school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina R&AW employees , goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sex worker sunaina chodan

Written by ydpa on May 11th, 2018

Crude Oil prices, diesel and petrol engine car sales   no comments

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After reaching a low a few years ago, crude oil prices have also increased significantly in 2018, and are at their highest in the last few years. In addition to increasing the exchange rate of the Indian rupee and the us dollar, as India is a major importer of oil, one of the major effects of the increasing prices could be the sale of cars with a diesel and petrol engine.
Earlier many people were preferring to purchase a car with a diesel engine, though it was costlier, as the price of diesel was lower than petrol
When the prices of crude oil fell, there was hardly any difference in the price of petrol and diesel, so the sale of diesel engine vehicles decreased. It would be interesting to find whether the crude oil prices will continue to increase.
Compared to United States, Japan, electric cars are not widely used in India

Written by ydpa on April 23rd, 2018

WagonR car catches fire in Ponda, Goa   no comments

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While intelligence and security agency employees are quick to ridicule indian citizens who do not drive a vehicle, especially a car, there are some risks of owning and driving a vehicle. The media reported that a WagonR car caught fire in Ponda Goa, while the driver was driving the car.
Luckily the car owner escaped, however he was unable to extinguish the fire using a conventional fire extinguisher.
A photo of the car owner trying to extinguish the flames of the car was featured in some of the major english newspapers in Goa
The fire could be only be extinguished after the fire brigade was called.
However it was too late, to retrieve the car, and the loss to the vehicle owner is estimated at Rs 3 Lakh

Written by ydpa on March 8th, 2018

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Parking slot for car should be checked before purchasing a flat   no comments

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Most apartment complexes have a parking slot for flat owners, however the location of the parking slot is important . For some parking slots it is easy to remove the car , reverse it, while other parking slots may be very narrow , or have a narrow entrance.
So the car owner has to be very careful while removing or keeping the car from the parking slot
There is only a clearance of a few centimeters between the entrance of the parking slot and the car, especially if the car has mirrors.
So if the car owner is not alert, he is very likely to damage the car, causing scratches
Also parking and removing the car from the parking slot is very time consuming, reversing the car, the time taken may be 10 minutes or more. A person can take a bus and reach panaji, in less time.

Written by ydpa on February 10th, 2018

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Vehicle seating capacity   no comments

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One of the considerations while traveling long distances is the capacity of the vehicle, the number of people who can be seated in the vehicle.
If a person is invited to go to a place, they cannot get anyone along, as the trip organizer may not be able to accommodate another person.
Usually most vehicles have a seating capacity of 4 persons + 1 driver
So if an additional person is going on the trip, it can be difficult to accommodate,unless there are small children.
Sports Utility vehicles have a larger capacity and may be able to accommodate 7 persons + driver.
The rental charges for larger vehicles are also higher .

Written by ydpa on January 14th, 2018

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Bus rentals for birthday parties   no comments

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Children, celebrities and politicians are most likely to celebrate their birthday with large parties, where they invite their friends, relatives and business associates to enjoy themselves and also network. The success of these parties depends to a great extent on the number of invitees who attend these parties, so the party organizers do everything possible to ensure that those invited are able to attend the party easily and conveniently.One of the easiest way to maximize the attendance at the party is to arrange for one or more Birthday Party Party Bus to pick up the party attendees and drop them off safely after the party is over.

Children’s birthday parties
The requirement for a Birthday Party Party Bus for children is different from that required for an adult, yet more children are likely to require a party bus, as it saves their parents the effort of picking them up from and dropping them at the party location. Many parents have a very busy schedule and are unable to drop and pick up their child, so the child may be forced to miss the party. If the parent is assured that their child will be safely transported by the party organizers, the child is likely to be allowed to attend the party. Most party bus rental firms will make special arrangements for childrens birthday parties to ensure their safety.

Celebrities and politicians parties
The birthday parties of celebrities and politicians are usually high profile affairs with a large number of people from different backgrounds attending the party as it is a form of advertising for the celebrity. So the party organizers will arrange for a large number of party buses so that those invited to the party can conveniently attend the party and reach their home safely after the party is over. In some cases, party invitees may be from other towns and cities in the area, and so party bus rental firm will have to arrange for buses suitable for journeys over a long distance

Written by ydpa on December 24th, 2017

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